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Welcome, from the Platte County Commission

First of all let us thank you for your interest in planning for the future of your county. The Platte County community is such a great place to live and work, we hope you are excited as we are about helping to ensure its prosperity for the next decade and beyond.

The Platte Profile initiative has its roots in the past, yet its path leads far into the future. Because of the notable successes of our Platte Profile 2020 Plan and the phenomenal growth in Platte County since the beginning of the decade, it is important to update our planning, refine our goals, and share the vision for the future. The new Platte Profile plan with account for all of the great things our residents have done since the original plan was created and chart a course that will build upon these successes and our common goals towards an even brighter future.

The process for formulating this new plan is based on you, your neighbors, and your friends. The best way to plan for a community is to have the community plan for itself, and the Commission committed to facilitating a community dialogue that best describes what our residents and businesses really want the county to be. Numerous participation tools are being used to gather your input, including a community survey, public meetings, focus groups, informational bulletins, and this website. All of these strategies will be guided by a citizen planning team comprised of a diverse representation of stakeholders from throughout the county.

We look forward to working with you to ensure a prosperous future for all Platte County residents and businesses. This is an important initiative, one that will have a definitive impact on the future of our community. Your help is essential, and we thank you for your time, effort, and energy in making this Platte Profile initiative a success.